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Wellness Coaching Structured for YOU!

Fusion Of Wellness:Body, Mind, And Soul

Now Available For Online Coaching, Telemedicine Appointments, Access To Top Grade Supplements, and Genetic Testing and Consultation.


I'm a Nurse Practitioner. I believe in a Holistic approach to health care. This means I consider the body, the mind, and the soul when I consider treatment for individuals. I am here to coach you on any aspects of your health that you feel are important. I also offer Telemedicine appointments. Everything is private and confidential. I also consider financial limitations with my clients during these hard times. My Online Coaching services are only $10 for a full 20 minute session and my Telemedicine appointments are $40 for 30 minute sessions. I also offer access to top grade supplements through Fullscript at a discounted price and genetic testing and couseling through a nutrigenomic consultant.

I suffer from Anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I have since the age of 18. As a health professional I concentrated on different techniques to help ease the mind and the body during times of stress and high anxiety. I am also here just to talk or offer advice and/or techniques to overcome anxiety, depression, excessive or compulsive thoughts, insomnia, diet, stress, feelings of helplessness, and most medical diagnoses. I am wiling to be your personal coach or health practitioner. I will help you to conquer your struggles or fears. I am also here just to talk. 


How I Can Help You

  • I am a Nurse Practitioner in Illinois and a Wellness Coach.

    20 min
    10 US dollars
  • Coaching based on individual goals and personal needs.

    25 US dollars
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